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Celebrated in antiquity and decried by religion, the nude or nudes are at the heart of the history of art. Accompanied by Aurore, our art history expert, the time has come to undress the works of art and lift the veil on what has long been one of the greatest taboos of the art world in our unique MasterClass. 

To know

The nude is a recurring theme in art. Celebrated in antiquity, where the male attributes of heroes and the female attributes of goddesses are clearly represented and shown, everything changes from the Middle Ages onwards. The Church attaches notions of evil and moralizing values to the nude. Re-exploited from the Renaissance onwards, the nude becomes this ambiguous subject, both celebrated and decried, magnified and eroticized. 

A new way of approaching the nude with realism and naturalism appeared from the 19th century onwards. Fragonard's representations of libertinage were followed by Courbet's and Manet's paintings, which were considered scandalous. Then in the 20th century, reinterpreted under the eye of Freudian theories, the nude flirts with perversity. Finally, in contemporary representations, women take over the subject and offer us a new look where the male body loses its superb. 

Our secret

Although decried and considered too indecent to be exhibited in the common areas, erotic scenes c

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Visual: Le Sommeil, Les Deux Amies or Paresse et Luxure, Gustave Courbet, © Petit Palais / Roger-Viollet