Secrets of photography with Gérard Uféras

Museum, fashion and opera


CultureSecrets went to meet for you the famous photographer Gérard Uféras. He revealed his secrets as a photographer through three episodes on the world of museums, opera and fashion. Take advantage of his experience and his expert eye by watching our three exclusive encounters during which we unveil pictures never before exhibited to the general public.

To know

In the first episode, Gérard Uféras tells you about his first shots at the Opéra Garnier, which made him known in the art world and brought him as far as Russia to the Bolshoi, via Switzerland and the Opéra Comique of Paris. 

In the second episode, you will discover his work in the heart of the fashion shows. Wishing to work on a feminine subject above all, the photographer knew how to capture unique moments and all the poetry that emanates from the creations of great designers. His photographic skills come to the service of fashion, an art in perpetual movement. 

Finally, in the third episode, Gérard Uféras looks back on his experience in museums, the photographer's favorite places. As a connoisseur of the Louvre and the Museum of Paleontology, he succeeds in taking pictures of visitors' reactions and their interactions with the works on display. 

Our secret

Photographer of movement and the unexpected, Gérard Uféras shares his technics as a

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