[IN FRENCH ONLY] Coral Artefact Webinar : Art to the Rescue of Coral

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Would art be a solution to save the seabed? This is the wager of the Corail Artefact project by appropriating a traditional know-how of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region: the point of spirit, a lace pattern with a spindle of Puy-en-Velay. Enjoy this online meeting with the artist Jérémy Gobé, to learn all about Corail Artefact, which combines art, science, industry and education, and about its implementation in the oceans.

To know

Threatened with extinction by 2050, projects are multiplying to try to save coral reefs. The objective of the Corail Artefact project is to create biodegradable supports that help the natural development of corals, in the hope of repopulating the reefs. Jérémy Gobé is known for his works that "breathe life into what has no more life". It is in this creative impulse that Corail Artefact was born in 2017, after finding a similarity between the lace stitch pattern and the coral skeleton. Cotton lace then emerged as a biodegradable material with the potential to help fix and regenerate corals. 

But the Corail Artefact project goes even further and also tackles the problem of plastic in the oceans by creating bio-sourced, plant-based and biodegradable containers and works to raise public awareness through art and education. 

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Did you know that? The lace of Le Puy is famous ! It is even listed in the Inventory of French In

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