[IN FRENCH ONLY] Caravaggio, between grace and disgrace

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CultureSecrets offers you a MasterClass on one of the greatest artists in the history of art, Caravaggio. With Aurore, our art history expert, discover and decipher the works of this Italian painter whose technique and mastery of chiaroscuro are still admired today.

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Trained in Milan under the Mannerist painter Simone Peterzano, Caravaggio left for Rome, where he practiced his talents on behalf of ecclesiastical patrons. At the time, the Church was in the midst of a reformation in the face of the rise of Protestantism, and Caravaggio's work was seductive because of its realism and the novelty he brought to representations of the Holy Scriptures. His work was recognized throughout Italy for its brilliant use of chiaroscuro and theatrical staging that highlighted the psychological reality of the characters. Strong of his success, the painter leads nevertheless a life of debauchery in Rome which will lead him to be exiled twice.

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Caravaggio embodied the revival of Baroque painting, with his mastery of tenebrism. The artist

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© Judith and Holofernes, Caravaggio, 1599-1602, National Gallery of Ancient Art, Rome