[IN FRENCH ONLY] Bastille, a fortress of legends

A virtual visit of "Sous les Pavés"


Enter the fortress of the kings of France which dominated Paris since the Middle Ages, before becoming a formidable prison and then a symbol of our revolutionary history. Today, nothing remains of it... Except for those who know how to search ! Guillaume will guide you through the legends, engravings, paintings and 3D reconstructions, in order to discover the history of the Bastille, during this virtual visit.

To know

Guillaume is passionate about History, a specialist in Parisian legend, he combines the art of storytelling, transmission and show thanks to his training in film school and his talent for hypnosis. Portraits of famous prisoners such as Voltaire, the Marquis de Sade or the legendary Man in the Iron Mask, you will relive the 14th of July 1789 which changed history in half a day.

At the crossroads of their passions, just like Guillaume, the team of guides of Sous les Pavés offers you an extraordinary experience ! Strange legends and unusual anecdotes, lift the veil on the great mysteries and little secrets of Paris, during unexpected and fascinating visits.

Our secret

During the French Revolution, when the Bastille was taken, only seven prisoners were held: four f

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Practice info:

Wednesday April 7th at 6pm

Virtual event : a Zoom link will be sent to you by email the day of the event.

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