Le Guimet [Mix] : musical night in the museum

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The Guimet [Mix] is a not-to-be-missed event, offering you the opportunity to discover Khmer statuary, Indian archaeology and Southeast Asian collections in a unique musical and visual atmosphere. For this first edition 2021 realized in live streaming, in collaboration with CultureSecrets, enjoy a musical night at the Guimet Museum. This national museum dedicated to Asian arts, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, was designed as a great center of knowledge of Asian civilizations in the heart of Europe.

To know

You will be immersed in one of the richest collections of Asian arts in the world, during this evening that will honor several artists, proud representatives of the LGBTQ+, Parisian and French electronic and artistic scene.
On the program, Eva Peel, DJ and singer, will propose a cosmic set, integrating Bollywood musical references. Nicol, French DJ and producer, will present his new techno live, subtle and energetic. Alongside him, Corrine, a queer figure, will bring her punk extravagance and her heady gibberish to the Khmer Court. To conclude the evening, ڭليثرGlitter٥٥ & Aubry, will offer a duo set. Originally from Rabat, ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥ spreads a powerful and airy techno with oriental influences. Aubry develops him, a subtle and cadenced electronic and house melody.

Our secret

Guimet and music ...  Emile Guimet, the founder of the museum, practiced ceramics, painting

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Practice info:

Thursday April 15 at 7 pm
Free event in live streaming from the Guimet Museum
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