[IN FRENCH ONLY] The transformation of Paris under Haussmann

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Haussmann is one of the great figures of the 19th century, whose fame is inseparable from Paris. This virtual tour will allow you to decipher the architecture known as "Haussmannian", which gives its identity to the capital. This event will be an opportunity to observe together the most beautiful monuments, as well as the famous "Haussmannian building". Thanks to your guide Hugo, you will understand how the modern Paris was born. He will also make you discover a whole social mutation, which marks the beginning of the golden age of the industrial bourgeoisie.

To know

"Paris will be the capital of capitals", said Napoleon III. Under the Second Empire, Baron Haussmann undertook the project of "Paris embellished, enlarged, sanitized", and transformed the entire city into a unique historical monument. His work gave a limit to the city and a shape to its landscape. The name of Baron Haussmann illustrates more than anything else the urban and architectural identity of the City of Light.
At the crossroads of their passions, just like Hugo, the team of guides of Sous les Pavés offers you an extraordinary experience! Legends and historical and unusual anecdotes, unveil the great mysteries and little secrets of Paris, during unexpected and fascinating visits.

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Do you know Haussmann's obsession? The straight line, also called the "cult of the axis&

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Wednesday April 28th at 6:30 pm

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