[IN FRENCH ONLY] The Louvre, from Fortress to Museum

MasterClass by Marjorie


Presented today as the largest museum in the world, the Louvre has had an eventful history. This masterclass looks back at eight centuries of history, developments and destructions influenced by the political context of the capital. Marjorie, an art history expert, will explain everything about this masterpiece of French architecture. She will explain how artists linked their destiny to that of the Louvre, long before it became a museum !

To know

A fortress created to protect Paris from the English, which became the Royal Palace to protect Charles V from the Parisians ; who would have guessed that the Louvre was enlarged by Henry IV to serve as an escape route from Paris? Relive the modernization of the Louvre Palace, completed under the reign of Louis XIV, or its occupation by the nobles, intellectuals and artists of the time who will propose a museum project... Louis XVI accepted, and the Louvre Museum was born ! 
Dive into the history of a place and its collections with Marjorie, a tour guide from Les Bonnes visites. She will take you on a passionate tour of the building that led to the creation of a museum that now welcomes millions of visitors every year. 

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Did you know that King Henry IV, known as "the Great", who ruled France from 1589 to 16

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Tuesday, May 25, 6:30 pm.

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Civitatis visit of the Louvre museum
P.A Demachy, Clearing the Louvre colonnade, Photo credit: Paris Musées / Musée Carnavalet