Degas, movement and intimacy

MasterClass proposed by D'Arts et d'histoires


The Work of Edgar Degas explores the exhausted bodies of women at work and in their intimacy... Take advantage of a MasterClass to familiarize yourself with the splendors and miseries of the backstage of the opera, through the eye of this avant-garde artist, who even today, is the subject of many debates among art historians. Tatiana, guide-lecturer, will introduce you to this artist, caustic to a fault, who is a great music lover.

To know

Edgar Degas was born in July 1834 in Paris. He was a painter, engraver, sculptor and photographer. He studied at the École des Beaux-arts de Paris. He traveled to Italy and Louisiana, but always returned to Paris, especially to Montmartre, where he frequented certain workshops and literary cafés. He actively participated in the discussions that brought together the young avant-garde artists of the time. His work is very varied, both in terms of themes and artistic practices.
Recognition came around 1873, when he and a few other artists, including Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, founded the Société anonyme coopérative des artistes peintres, sculpteurs et graveurs, and exhibited what would come to be known as Impressionist canvases in the offices of the photographer Nadar. As he grew older and his eyesight failed, he devoted himself almost exclusively to sculpture. He transposed his favorite subjects into wax, which Tatina will help you discover. A guide for the past 8 years, she is also one of the founders of D'Arts et D'histoires. Just like Tatiana, the guide-lecturers of the D'Arts et D'histoires team offer you to navigate in a rich ocean of culture that they will decipher for you.

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Practice info:

Wednesday June 16th at 9pm.

Virtual event: a connection link will be sent to you by email on the day of the event.
Duration of the event: about 1h30

Degas, "The Opera Ballet Room, rue Le Pelletier", 1872, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay.