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What did Paris smell like in the 18th century? CultureSecrets and Maud Hacker offer you a scented and creative walk, the first "odorama" visit, to smell and feel the air of Paris with real perfume essences! It is said that Parisians have a good nose. Like the hero of Patrick Süskind's novel "Le Parfum", discover the lively and enticing olfactory landscape of the world's largest reserve of odors: the city of Paris in the 18th century.

To know

The Perfume is a novel by the German writer Patrick Süskind, published in 1985. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the main character of the novel, has an extraordinary sense of smell, but has no smell himself. His entire life will be lived in violence and uncertainty, with the sole objective of creating the perfect perfume.

This unique tour-experience offers you to relive the plot of the famous novel in the magical center of the capital. You will follow the steps of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille from the working-class district of Les Halles to the bourgeois Paris of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Immerse yourself in the scent of wig powder, leather carriages, tuberose in the doorways... Smell the odors of the Innocents cemetery and the smells of the tanneries on the quays of the Seine. Finally, discover the arrogant voluptuousness of rococo perfumes... Maud will guide you. Much more than simple strolls, Maud's Visits propose you to live unforgettable singular experiences, to discover the secrets of Paris differently !

Our secret

The name Jean-Baptiste Grenouille recalls that of the French perfumer Paul Grenouille, who change

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Tuesday July 6th, at 7.00 pm.
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Meeting point 8 rue de la Ferronnerie
Metro Châtelet, exit Sainte Opportune
Duration : about 1h30

Some bottles of the Queen's bouquet © EPV /Thomas Garnier
"Jupiter and Antiope", Antoine Watteau, 1714, oil on canvas, cover of the novel "Le Parfum

8 rue de la Ferronnerie, 75001 Paris