Private visit to the Dalí Museum in Paris

and meeting with the artist Léo Caillard


Enjoy a private visit to the Dalí Museum in Paris!  After the discovery of the collection, regrouping more than 300 works, among which paintings, sculptures, engravings, surrealist objects and furniture... You will also benefit from a meeting with the artist Léo Caillard, whose exhibition "Antique/Quantique" allows to create within the museum an artistic dialogue with the famous Catalan genius.

To know

The Dalí Museum in Paris plunges you into a world of metamorphoses. The objects represented in the paintings of the painter deceive the senses of the spectator, thus, the illusion in the painting of Dalí makes the visible invisible and conversely. The artist is also known for his shocking quotations, inviting the listener to wonder about the deep meaning, beyond the immediate provocation. To look is to invent summarizes in a few words the Dalinian method.
Léo Caillard is a French artist, born in 1985. He exposes with benevolence the individuals that we are today, imbued with social codes and styles. Does his practice aim, like Dalí's obsession with form, at countering the natural effects of time and overcoming death? You will be able to explore this question during this "encounter with history", establishing an intimate dialogue between these two artists. The divine Heracles as an urban hipster, Venuses subjected to morphological distortions... explore the influence of modernity on the Platonic ideal of beauty !

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Metamorphosis is a key element in Salvador Dalí's creative process: variations, transf

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Practice info:

Wednesday June 30th at 7pm.
Dali Paris, 11 rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris.
Your name will be written on a list at the entrance of the establishment.
Don't forget your mask.

11 rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris