Exploration of the Paris Aquarium

Your summer family outing


Summer... and its moments of sharing finally back! Enjoy a family outing in a fascinating setting at the Paris Aquarium. Thanks to CultureSecrets tickets, discover the mysteries of our oceans and learn more about marine biodiversity. Head to the Trocadero gardens to meet clown fish, jacks and zebra sharks !

To know

The Paris Aquarium is the ancestor of all aquariums in the world, since it was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1867. Long known as the Trocadero Aquarium, it closed for renovations in 1984 and reopened in 2006, eager to offer its visitors a fun and scientifically rich experience. Visiting the Aquarium de Paris is learning while having fun. 

Let yourself be surprised by an amazing biodiversity. 13,000 fish and invertebrates from all the seas of France and overseas, 38 large sharks, 700 colonies of coral, considered to be the largest living builders on our planet, and nearly 50 species of jellyfish with their bewitching dances...

Our secret

The Paris Aquarium was initially reserved for freshwater fish! Today it contains 4 million liters

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5 avenue Albert de Mun 75016 Paris

Open every day of the week (Monday to Sunday) from 10am to 7pm.
Don't forget your mask, your health pass and your ID card.
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5 avenue Albert de Mun 75016 Paris