HIP HOP 360 at the Philharmonie de Paris

Relive the crazy years of the Hip Hop phenomenon


Vibrate with hip hop in all its forms at the Philharmonie de Paris! Beatbox, breakdance, graffiti, fashion... Much more than a musical genre, hip hop is a culture of New York origin that France has managed to appropriate.

To know

Synonymous with mixing, resourcefulness and lack of code, the hip-hop movement does not fit into any box. Born in the 1970s in the Bronx district of New York, it flooded the radio waves with rap, city walls with graffiti and tagging, and dance floors with break dancing. 

When it arrived in France in the 1980s, the media were convinced that it was a fleeting fad for a few teenagers in search of references. However, France succeeded in developing an original hip-hop culture that has been invading the cultural space for forty years now! 

Through different thematic spaces: radio, clips, mixtapes, styles, record sleeves, objects and unpublished archives, the Philharmonie de Paris offers a true 360 degree vision. Vibrate with hip hop in all its forms thanks to your CultureSecrets tickets.

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The breakdance will be in the program of the Olympic Games of Paris 2024. An important step for t

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Practice info:

From December 17th 2021 to July 15th 2022

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Valid until July 15.

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Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris 
221, avenue Jean-Jaurès - 75019 Paris
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© La troupe de smurfers/breakers Actuel Force qui s’entraînaient à la MJC de Brétigny sur Orge font une prestation devant le public Parisiens place de la Sorbonne à Paris
75006. Sont présents Steevy Gustave ( Ex adjoint au Maire de brétigny-sur-orge) EJM (Jean-Michel Émilien).

© Fab 5 Freddy & Uncle O aux Bains Douches (1984)

221, avenue Jean-Jaurès 75019 Paris