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"Vitesse" at the Château de Compiègne


Push the button! An exhibition is worth the detour at the national car museum of the castle of Compiègne. Let yourself be blown away by a large collection of vehicles and a fascinating reflection on the attraction of Men for speed. 

To know

The National Car Museum at the Château de Compiègne and the Rmn - Grand Palais are presenting an exhibition devoted to the concept of speed and its subtle link with modernity. A large collection of vehicles is presented in the fabulous royal and imperial decor of the castle. It is an opportunity to reflect on the human attraction to speed and on the history of land transport. 

From the Roman chariot to the fastest vehicles of today, about fifty horse-drawn vehicles, automobiles, bicycles, paintings, sculptures... draw the portrait of creators inspired by the desire to go fast! This exhibition is the perfect opportunity to escape with your family to the castle and the forest of Compiegne, less than 2 hours from Paris.

Our secret

The passage to 100km/h was a symbolic step! The exhibition presents one of the wagons specially d

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Practice info:

1 ticket is valid for 2 people.

Until March 28th, 2022

National Car Museum
Château de Compiègne
Place du Général de Gaulle,
60 200 Compiègne
Every day except Tuesday and holidays.

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Château de Compiègne Place du Général de Gaulle, 60 200 Compiègne
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