Surprising show of mentalism

"The Butterfly Effect" at the Comédie Saint Michel


[IN FRENCH ONLY] You think that your secrets are well kept in your mind? That your choices are free? That you are... unpredictable? Maybe not! CultureSecrets invites you to an impressive show of mentalism and magic at the Comédie Saint-Michel.

To know

You've probably already heard of the Butterfly Effect. Discovered in 1961, this phenomenon implies that the smallest events can determine phenomena that seem unpredictable and uncontrollable. Thus, the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil can generate a tornado in Mexico. What if our choices were not really free and unpredictable, but rather the result of a butterfly effect?

Mentalist Taha Mansour invites you on a poetic and amazing mental journey in which you are encouraged to question your perception of the world around you. Thought reading, influence, predictions, and clairvoyance; so many mysterious phenomena will await you during this journey... Open your eyes wide, and live fully the experience of the Butterfly Effect in the intimacy of the charming Comédie Saint Michel.

Our secret

The real origin of mentalism is still unclear, however if we focus only on the effects, experimen

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Practice info:

Friday January 21st at 9:30 pm 

La Comédie Saint Michel 
95 Bd Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris

Your name will appear on a list at the entrance.

Don't forget your mask and your health pass!

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