The complete "Points of no return" at La Colline - théâtre national

A fascinating and resolutely universal trilogy!


CultureSecrets invites you to discover a magnificent theatrical fresco, the trilogy "Points of No Return" directed by the author Alexandra Badea. Enjoy a one-day theatrical experience at the heart of a resolutely universal story at La Colline - théâtre national. 

To know

A project begun in 2018, the trilogy traverses a contemporary history of colonial France. Points of No Return explores the missing narratives of history, the unspoken parts of our collective memory, and the areas where the intimate has been destroyed by politics. During a seven-hour performance including two intermissions animated by musical interludes, you will enjoy three chapters of this story: Thiaroye, which questions the massacre of Senegalese riflemen perpetrated on December 1, 1944 by the French colonial army. Quais de Seine, the second part, which exhumes the murderous repression of Algerian demonstrators by the police in Paris on October 17, 1961. And, Diagonale du vide, which brings out of oblivion the children of Creuse, these young Reunionese uprooted between 1963 and 1982 in order to repopulate the rural areas of the metropolis.
In this trilogy, the director mixes past and present, small and big history, around the character of Nora, a documentary filmmaker who tries to understand her own past to rebuild herself.

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While taking part in the naturalization ceremony that officially granted her French nationality,

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Practice info:

Sunday, January 16 - 12 noon
La Colline - national theater

15 Rue Malte Brun, 75020 Paris
M° Gambetta

Your name will be indicated on a list at the entrance of the event
Don't forget your mask and your health pass! 

7-hour event (three 1.5-hour plays - with 2 intermissions)

©Pascal Gély 

15 Rue Malte Brun, 75020 Paris
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