Masterclass on the spider woman

In the web of Louise Bourgeois


[IN FRENCH ONLY] Her spiders oscillate between figuration and abstraction in order to recall her childhood memories... Venture into the web of the sculptor Louise Bourgeois during an Arts and Stories video conference.

To know

Despite her late recognition at the age of 71, Louise Bourgeois is now considered a major figure in 20th century art. The versatile artist abandoned her brushes for marble, plaster and latex in the early 1950s. Monumental spiders, house-women and phallic elements... Her unclassifiable works question sexuality, maternity, the body and the porosity between the masculine and the feminine. She is inspired by her own life and influences a whole generation of artists, from Sophie Calle to Christian Boltanski. Explore the audacity, passion and impertinence of this great visual artist in the company of Marlene Groult, a passionate lecturer at D’Arts et D’Histoires.

Our secret

As a child, Louise Bourgeois discovered her father's adultery with his housekeeper. She will

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Practice info:

Sunday, January 16 at 6:30 pm.
Up to one reservation per person
A Zoom connection link will be sent to you by email on the day of the event.
Duration: about 1h30

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