The NIEMANDSLAND experience at the CENTQUATRE!

A journey towards what lies between us by Dimitri de Perrot.


CultureSecrets invites you to discover NIEMANDSLAND, a show directed by Dimitri de Perrot at 104. Dimitri de Perrot invites us to open a space for reflection, in which we question what happens in the interstices of our lives, perceiving everyday situations from another angle.

To know

Listening creates bonds between us and develops empathy. Listening requires time: giving time to someone or something means giving it space, in our own reality, in our own space. It is an essential quality that allows for encounter, discovery and the possibility of understanding and change.
For this purpose, Dimitri de Perrot, former DJ and specialist in sound spatialization, has imagined an immersive installation, at the crossroads of theater, concert and sculpture.

Our secret

With this immersive work Dimitri de Perrot is the winner of the Swiss Design Prize 2021 which rew

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Practice info:

Wednesday, January 19 - 6pm

5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris

Your name will be written on a list at the entrance of the event. 
Don't forget your mask and your health pass. 

5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris
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