"Le Jeu de la Vérité 2.0" at Théâtre Montmartre Galabru!

Discover the successful comedy of the Cie du Théâtre Le Lilas


CultureSecrets invites you to the Théâtre Montmartre Galabru for a performance of the play "Le Jeu de la Vérité 2.0"! A creation that has already won a great success at the OFF festival of Avignon in 2021. 

To know

Inspired by the success of Philippe Lellouche and the choral film "The Game" adapted to the cinema by Fred Cavayé with notably Doria Tillier, Roschdy Zem, Bérénice Béjo or Stéphane de Groodt, the play is going from strength to strength with an ever-growing audience and dates that follow one another.

The synopsis is as follows: Is any truth worth telling? For Jules and her band of friends, there is no doubt that all truth is good to tell when they decide to play the Truth Game! However, the revelations of this evening keep a bitter taste of lies... So if we let a new player in to speak in our place: the cell phones. 
There, no more doubt, impossible to lie, the truths burst out in broad daylight ... Who says the truth? Who is lying? And what is the limit between the two? This is what five characters, with everything and nothing to reproach themselves for, invite you to come and discover in this comedy which, beyond the apparent lightness of the characters, reveals a cold and merciless reality. Small betrayals, taboos, manipulations, who will come out the winner of the Game of Truth 2.0?


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Since the beginning of its tour more than 10 rooms sold out after their first challenges includin

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Practice info:

Monday July 11 at 9:30 pm
Montmartre Galabru Theater 
4 Rue de l'Armée d'Orient, 75018 Paris

Your name will be on a list at the entrance of the event! 

4 Rue de l'Armée d'Orient, 75018 Paris