A walk in the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

Visit one of the most famous monuments in France!


Next step of our summer trip: Normandy! This summer, visit one of the wonders of our regions, the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. Explore one of the most famous historical sites in France with your National Monuments Center's film-cutters.

To know

Listed as a World Heritage Site, the architecture of the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel bears witness to the mastery and know-how of several generations of master builders. On an inhospitable site, during 1300 years, its construction represents an undeniable technical and artistic feat.

The cult of Saint Michael was introduced in 708 on the Mount, which became one of the greatest centers of medieval pilgrimage. The Benedictines built an abbey there in the 10th century. A challenge to the assaults of men, time and the elements. During the Hundred Years War, the heroic resistance of the Mont to the English made it a symbolic place of national identity. Left by the monks in 1790, the abbey was classified as a historical monument in 1874 and was then listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Today, it is one of the top tourist destinations in France after Paris.

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Behind the Mont-Saint-Michel is the island of Tombelaine. If it is now used as a nature reserve f

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Invitations valid until December 31, 2022
From 9am to 7pm until August 31, last entry at 5pm and from 9:30am to 6pm from September 1 to April 30

Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel
The Abbey, 50170 Mont-Saint-Michel

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L'Abbaye, 50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel