Discover the new exhibition of the Giacometti Institute in private!

Morning tour of the exhibition "A tree like a woman, a stone like a head"


CultureSecrets invites you this fall 2022 to discover the latest exhibition of the Giacometti Institute! A private morning visit around a surprising dimension of Giacometti's work: his childhood landscapes. Many unpublished works and a return to the origins of one of the greatest modern artists of his time! 

To know

The exhibition "Alberto Giacometti. A tree like a woman, a stone like a head" offers a singular look at the work of Alberto Giacometti. While the human figure remains the artist's favorite subject, the landscape that impressed him as a child is present throughout his artistic career. He tackled the subject in his painting at two particular moments, during his youth in the Swiss Alps and in the post-war period. But beyond the paintings and drawings, the exhibition also shows what the landscape contributed to Giacometti's sculpture in the latter part of his career. In 1950, he created two major works: La Forêt and La Clairière. In them, Alberto Giacometti established a system of equivalences between the human figure and nature, a plastic writing in which the standing women recall trees and the heads recall stones. In many portraits, the massive busts resemble the rocky mountains of his childhood. As for the standing figures, in their flight to the sky, they often resemble the fir trees of the Grisons valley.


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Practice info:

Saturday, September 3 at 10 am
Giacometti Institute 
5 Rue Victor Schoelcher, 75014 Paris

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