A monumental installation under the dome of the Pantheon!

Discover the installation "23:56:04" by artist Ann Veronica Janssens


Discover "23:56:04", a monumental work by Ann Veronica Janssens, during a guided tour of the Pantheon. This original creation takes place under the dome, and offers you a new perception of this neo-classical temple that has become the temple of great men.

To know

Since the late 1970s, the artist Ann Veronica Janssens has been working on experience. Her approach produces intangible works. Her site-specific installations play with reflections, luminosity and transparency, and are created with elusive elements such as light, artificial fog, sound and simple materials: glass, mirrors, etc. This transformation of the material by the immaterial leads to a loss of reference points and a feeling of instability, which shifts from the physical to the psychological. 
Become actors of your own unique experience, through your movements, your interactions, your perceptions!

Our secret

At the Panthéon, Ann Veronica Janssens uses a large mirror placed on the floor under Fouca

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Practice info:

Saturday 27 August at 3pm 
Pl. du Panthéon, Paris 75005
Your name will be put on a list at the entrance of the event 

Pl. du Panthéon, Paris 75005
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