The immersive exhibition "Venice Revealed

Discover the mysteries of Venice.


The exhibition offers visitors an unprecedented and immersive exploration behind the scenes, in the heart of a city that carries within it all the dreams of beauty and splendor. 
Enjoy a gigapixel dive into the details of masterpieces by the greatest Venetian painters. Discover, thanks to digital innovations, the foundations of this city-state set on the waters of the lagoon.

To know

The very construction on the millions of piles driven into the lagoon has made Venice a stage on which generations of Venetians have built the most sumptuous of sceneries, a city apparently unchanged since the time of its splendor, and yet, thanks to imperceptible changes, has been able to adapt to changing lifestyles and to fight against the permanent threats of the sea. 

Far from being only a museum city, Venice is above all a city of the future at the forefront of contemporary issues. The incomparable immersion generated by the totally new images of the exhibition "Venice Revealed" will allow us to feel and understand as never before the richness and complexity of this extraordinary city.

This exhibition is co-produced by Grand Palais Immersif and Iconem in collaboration with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. A subsidiary of the Rmn - Grand Palais, Grand Palais Immersif is a new venue dedicated to the programming of immersive exhibitions that will open in September in Paris.

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Practice info:

From September 21, 2022 to February 19, 2023
Grand Palais Immersif 
110 rue de lyon, 75012 Paris.

Metro Bastille

Tickets valid for 2 people!

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Entrance to the city of Venice front, GPI, Paris, 2022.

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