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Discover the blur between the extremes, from love to hate...


Take the opportunity to witness a reflection on the theme of polarity. In this creation, the author and director Berekia Yergeau wishes to explore this principle between the so-called domesticated thought, the political correctness of the dog and the full rebellious act, from the bite to the social monster, of the wolf. She is particularly interested in the tipping point between the two, which is analyzed through current and/or past movements of struggle.

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The writing based on real testimonies, allows the author to explore this gray area, this twilight, this between dogs and wolves. By surrounding herself with artistic collaborators from the 4 corners of the world (Rwanda, Morocco, Belgium, Canada, Guyana and France Hexagonale), to speak about the militant movements in which they took part, that they observed and/or studied, Berekia Yergeau opens the prism of this reflection. This common word will be the point of interrogation on the source of radicality, based on the conviction or the power of the Cause: what are we capable of doing in the name of what we judge right?

It is around this question that the author questions the shift between the just and the extreme, the primitive in the name of the social, in the spectrum of good and evil. Could this intersection where everything merges, by its universal character, be the very place of a possible reconciliation between beings instead of the only point of distortion of a split humanity of ideals?

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Did you know that the expression "between dog and wolf" means "at dusk, at night&q

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Practice info:

Saturday September 24th at 7pm
Lavoir Moderne Parisien
35 Rue Léon, 75018 Paris

Tickets can be picked up at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien box office the same day, giving your name which will have been previously transmitted by us to the people in charge.

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