Things, a not so dead nature

Discover the secrets of seemingly innocuous paintings


Take advantage of a Beaux Arts Magazine conference led by a passionate speaker to discover the subtleties and hidden symbols of still lifes.

To know

Do you know what a still life is? According to Charles Sterling, a French art historian: "An authentic still life is born the day when a painter makes the fundamental decision to choose a group of objects as a subject and to organize them into a plastic entity. The fact that, depending on the time and the environment in which he works, he loads them with all sorts of spiritual allusions does not change his deep artistic purpose: that of imposing his poetic emotion on us in front of the beauty he has glimpsed in these objects and their assembly.  

This fall, the Louvre celebrates the still life, a genre that tells of our relationship with material goods and that runs through the entire history of art, from prehistory to the present. Things, beyond their materiality, are charged with meaning? and occupy a large place in our lives and our imaginations. It is because we live with them and are attached to them that their representation says a lot about us, our practices, our beliefs and our societies.

Our secret

What if we told you that there is a hidden meaning behind a simple lemon peel? "The lemon pe

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Wednesday, October 19 at 6:30 pm
Online conference

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