Musicanimale, The Great Sound Bestiary

What if you followed the rhythm of life?


The surprising exhibition Musicanimale, halfway between art and science, turns the ear towards the living. Immersion in an almost lyrical world of sound. Have you ever been greeted by a great bird concert? We let you discover...

To know

This exhibition not only lets us hear the sounds of some forty species, but also shows, through a journey of 150 works and art objects, how much they fascinate and inspire, how much they give rise to visual and sound poetry. On the program: birds' vocalizations, insects' stridulations, whales' melodic songs, mewling improvisations, wolves' choral howls and more... The tour draws a delightful primer for young and old. Between a vagabond imaginary and a curiosity cabinet, each letter refers to the animal kingdom (Rooster, Insects, Wolf...) or to emblematic objects (Calls, Cuckoos, Sonnets...). 

Biodiversity is threatened and we are seriously starting to hear it. When we realize that in 50 years, 50% of the sounds of the living world have disappeared, isn't it crucial to listen to and capture these songs, and more broadly to contribute to the awareness of the need to preserve the living world in its diversity? One year after the Salgado Amazonia exhibition (2021), which already made the public aware of the richness of the natural and sound heritage of the Amazonian forest, the Philharmonie de Paris is resolutely making these questions one of the focal points of the 2022-2023 season. A reflection carried out on all fronts: a great cycle of concerts, a symposium, a forum, a Nuit Blanche dedicated to "Sound Natures", educational initiatives, a bioacoustic tour in the Children's Philharmonic, not to mention the exhibition Musicanimale. The Great Sound Bestiary.

Our secret

A is for Calls
B is for Bellowing
C is for Whale song
D as in Disappearance<

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Until January 20, 2023
221, Avenue Jean-Jaurès
75019 PARIS
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