Discover the history of photography at the Galerie Françoise Paviot

The Gallery Françoise Paviot will present you the different photographic techniques


Take part in a workshop in the very first photographic gallery in Paris. Discover during this private visit the manipulation of photographic media and techniques through time presented by Françoise Paviot! 

To know

In 1974, Alain Paviot created one of the first photography galleries and quickly became an international expert in historical and modern photography. In 1995, Françoise Paviot joined him to create a new space also open to contemporary photography. Since then, they have worked together to defend vintage and contemporary works whose plastic qualities and power of abstraction naturally take their place in the history of forms and representation. This visit proposes to discover, with the help of concrete examples to be handled, the different media, from the daguerreotype to digital prints, which have been or still are used by photographers.  The aim will also be to understand the notion of "vintage" and how and why it comes into play in the photography market. 

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Françoise Paviot holds a DEA in literature and teaches at IESA. She was editor-in-chief of

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Practice info:

Thursday, December 8th at 7pm
Galerie Françoise Paviot
57 rue Sainte-Anne, 75002 Paris

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57 rue saint anne