Ka'a Body: Cosmovision of the Rainforest by Les Radicants

A dive into the culture of the Amazonian communities


Discover in private an exhibition of contemporary artists from the Amazonian communities of Brazil.

To know

Created by the anthropologist and curator Sandra Benites (from the Guarani Nhandeva community) and the Brazilian artist Anita Ekman, this exhibition explores the relationship between the body and the territory. The works brought together reflect the relationships that exist between the Yvy Pory - "the beings of the Earth". In the light of the Amazonian ecological emergency, it is necessary to understand the different ways in which the body-territory of the forests is perceived.

Expansive and inclusive, the exhibition brings together, through the works of a dozen international or emerging artists and collectives, a fantastic ensemble that mixes documented performance, film, photography, painting, engraving, sculpture and traditional arts. In addition, the curators make a point of supporting the work of women artists from Amazonian communities in Brazil (Wauja, Huni Kuin, Tirijó, Kaxuyana and Txikiyana).

Radicants is an international curatorial cooperative created in 2022 by Nicolas Bourriaud. Conceived as an organic and nomadic cooperative model in line with the evolution of the art world, it hosts new exhibitions, organized by independent curators from around the world. Radicants is involved in exhibition production, cultural engineering consulting, publishing and sales of works.

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Do you know what "Ka'a Body" the title of the exhibition means? In Guarani, Ka

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Practice info:

Tuesday, November 22nd at 7pm

Radicants Paris
18 rue Commines
75003 Paris

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18 rue Commines
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