Une histoire d’amour at La Scala Paris

Let yourself be caught up in this creation by Alexis Michalik


Discover this play which allowed Alexis Michalik to obtain the Molière for the director of a private theater show in 2020.

To know

How can love end? This is the question we ask ourselves here. These characters, however, plunged into the worst pangs of love, will have to go through loss, mourning, abandonment, always moving forward. They make do, despite their crutches and their wounds. They have already hit rock bottom, but by confronting each other, by struggling with an energy close to despair in the face of approaching death, by shouting at each other, by hugging each other, they live, painfully, and they live hard. We will laugh at their distress, we will cry with them. We will love them, all of them. Because this story looks sad and yet, deep down, it's a love story.

The play:
Katia and Justine fall in love, a fairy tale love. Justine wants a child. Katia, too often hurt by life, ends up accepting that they both try artificial insemination. Katia becomes pregnant, but a few days before the birth of their child, Justine disappears... Twelve years later, Katia will die. She will have to find a guardian for her daughter, Jeanne. Her only option: her brother, William, a cynical writer, whom she hasn't seen in five years.

For a taste of the play, click here.

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Practice info:

Wednesday, November 16 at 9pm
Great Hall
La Scala Paris
13 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris
Subway Strasbourg Saint-Denis

Duration 1h25

Your name will be on the list at the entrance of the event.

1 seat is valid for 1 person.

A love story © François Fonty