Private morning visit to the Ugo Rondinone exhibition at the Petit Palais

The new weightless exhibition of the famous contemporary artist


CultureSecrets invites you for a private morning visit to the Petit Palais. In the permanent collections of the museum, discover the exhibition of Ugo Rondinone, entitled 'The water is a poem Unwritten by the air No. the earth is a poem Unwritten by the fire'. 

To know

Ugo Rondinone's exhibition at the Petit Palais presents two sets of works, extended by a new video installation. The exhibition, which presents human bodies in contact with the elements and nature, is a continuation of the multiple families of works produced by the artist since the late 1980s. The earth, air, water and fire associated with beings at rest or in movement are summoned here in all their spiritual dimension. 

Our secret

Ugo Rondinone is considered one of the most important artists of his generation. He composes dazz

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Practice info:

Wednesday, December 14 at 9 am

Petit Palais
Meeting at 8:45 am at 5 Avenue Dutuit (entrance for museum staff)
75008 Paris

Your name will be on a list at the entrance of the event 

© Ugo Rondinone / Petit Palais 

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5 Avenue Dutuit