Your exhibition dedicated to photography at the Pernod Ricard Foundation

Enjoy "Der Sonnenstich" by artist Katinka Bock


ART IN THE WOMAN: CultureSecrets invites you to the Pernod Ricard Foundation for an intimate visit of the exhibition "Der Sonnenstich", by the artist Katinka Bock. The first exhibition to focus on her photographic work, it brings together sixty-five shots taken between 2015 and today, most of which have never been exhibited before. At the end of the visit, a drink will be offered and you will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange on the content of the exhibition and your feelings.

To know

Katinka Bock, a famous German sculptor, has throughout her career considered photography as a tool for her work. In the exhibition, one can also notice the similarities between her photographs and her sculptures. Some thematic axes frequently recur in her works: the representation of certain motifs or textures, an assiduous presence of the living, including the illustration of body fragments such as hands or prints... Moreover, these images testify to the "sculptural" look that Katinka Bock has on the world. It is often the observation of the singularity of a form or a relationship that gives rise to the impulse of an image. However, unlike her sculptures, her photographs are often made in a family context, in a close relationship with the subject. 

Especially for the Pernod Ricard Foundation, Katinka Bock has imagined a scenographic device and has truly reappropriated the spaces. She has constructed hanging panels, each offering two contrasting sides: one covered with a green cloth, the other with an aluminum plate. They will thus give the photographs a different "temperature", a different "mood". She will also intervene in the architecture of the place in a discreet way by inscribing a kind of broken line, composed of enamelled ceramic plinths. The goal? To underline certain aspects of the exhibition.

Our secret

Did you know that? Der Sonnenstich, in German, means "sunstroke" but also "sunburn

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Practice info:

Wednesday, April 05 at 7pm
Pernod Ricard Foundation
1 Cr Paul Ricard, 
75008 Paris

A reservation is valid for 1 person.

Your name will be registered on a list at the entrance of the event.

Photo © Katinka Bock