An immersion in the world of Thomas Demand

Enjoy his retrospective exhibition "The stuttering of history" at the Jeu de Paume


#ART With CultureSecrets, discover Thomas Demand's retrospective exhibition "The Stammering of History" at the Jeu de Paume. For the first time in France, his work is presented in its entirety with approximately 60 photographs, films and wallpapers. An opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of his work and to discover his vision of the world: an invitation to question the historical events we consume through the filter of images.

To know

"The stuttering of history" lies in this strange gap between the world we inhabit and the world of paper and cardboard that Thomas Demand recreates in his studio.
Indeed, the artist uses a very particular technique in the creation of his works. His models, which reproduce full-scale images, are created only to be photographed before being destroyed, leaving only their photographic spectrum. 

To best represent the full range of his artistic work, the exhibition is organized into four main sections. First, there are "The Disturbing Stories", large-scale photographs of anonymous scenes, whose apparent banality conceals their historical importance. Then, in "The Mysteries of Everyday Life", we move to a more personal aspect.  For the series "Dailies", the artist began to make paper models recreating photographs taken with his phone during his travels. Then, with "La pulsion architectonique", we observe his fascination for the preparatory paper models made by architects and the patterns made by the great couturiers. Finally, the exhibition examines his relationship to the moving image in "Des images qui bougent" through his forays into stop motion film, illustrated here by the work Pacific Sun.

Moreover, Thomas Demand has imagined a total scenographic device especially for this exhibition. He has truly appropriated the space by covering entire walls of the Jeu de Paume and using enormous wooden picture rails. In this way, he created an immersive environment for the spectators, based on the collision of the world and the images.

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Did you know that? At the same time, an exhibition on Thomas Demand is taking place at the Azzedi

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Practice info:

From February 14 to May 28
Jeu de Paume
1 place de la Concorde, 
75001 Paris

A reservation is valid for 1 person. 

Paper passes will be sent to you by post on working days.

Photos : Pond, 2020. Chromogenic print / Diasec 200 x 399 cm © Thomas Demand, Adagp, Paris, 2023

Vault, 2012. Chromogenic / Diasec print, 220 x 277 cm. Thomas Demand, Adagp, Paris, 2023

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