An evening at the amazing Chapel XIV

Let yourself be seduced by a carnal exhibition


#ART Push the doors of Chapelle XIV, a captivating new space dedicated to creation nestled in the 18th district, and discover in private the sensual and acidulous exhibition "CRU", in the company of curator Joséphine Dupuy Chavanat. A collective exhibition that brings together painting, photography, drawing and sculpture around a sometimes visceral, sometimes tender vision of the body. 

To know

Opened in October 2020, Chapelle XIV is a place of arts and meetings located in the North-East of Paris. Concentrating at the same time a vinyl record shop (Yoyaku), an art and design gallery, a workshop (Atelier 14) and a café, Chapelle XIV's vocation is to bring together different artistic disciplines in the same place, convivial and open to all. The program is punctuated by numerous temporary exhibitions and cultural events. They allow everyone to discover artists from different horizons, to exchange during workshops or openings but also to meet during musical lives around a drink.

Our secret

Three young artists are gathered for the exhibition. Lucile Boiron presents photographs and insta

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Practice info:

Thursday June 8th at 7pm 

Chapelle XIV 
14 boulevard de la Chapelle, 3rd courtyard on the right  
75018 Paris

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14 boulevard de la Chapelle, Paris