Rediscover the iconic work "Le Baiser de l'Artiste" with ORLAN

A meeting at La Monnaie de Paris for the exhibition "Money in Art"


#ART La Monnaie de Paris invites you to relive the work of the artist ORLAN "Le Baiser de l'Artiste". Exchange with the iconic contemporary artist and pioneer of body art internationally recognized, and enjoy a comprehensive tour of the exhibition "Money in Art".

To know

The exhibition covers more than 20 centuries of art history on the theme of the complex relationship between Art and Money, from Antiquity and its myths to the present day.
ORLAN's work is part of a multidisciplinary art of performance and feminist struggles: she questions the status of the body subjected to cultural, traditional, political, social and religious pressures. In the context of the exhibition "Money in Art", the work "The Artist's Kiss" takes on its full meaning. 

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Did you know that this work contributed to ORLAN's fame in the art world, and led to her bein

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Practice info:

Wednesday June 14 at 7pm 

Monnaie de Paris 
11 Quai de Conti 
75006 PARIS

A reservation is valid for one person

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Exhibition du 30 mars au 24 septembre 2023
Ouvert du mardi au dimanche de 11h à 18h (le mercredi jusqu’à 21h)
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© « Baiser de l'artiste » Portrait d'ORLAN 

© « Baiser de l’artiste » Performance 


11 quai de Conti, Paris