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"Aux coeurs des monstres" a social critique in a dystopian universe


#THÉÂTRE Rendezvous at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien to thrill to "Aux cœurs des monstres", a play depicting a dystopian, racist society in the throes of revolution. Part Hunger Games, part Black Mirror, this show produced by the young Compagnie Des Orientés is a pungent social critique of men in absolute power.

To know

"Aux coeurs des monstres" is set in Victoria, a dystopian city with a colonial past in which two neighborhoods coexist. The Fleurys, a wealthy tourist district, and the District, a hidden neighborhood where outlaws and people from Komura, the city's former colony, are locked up.  

The latter is run by a young tyrant, Antonio, who will do anything to maintain his power. He organizes weekly boxing matches in which District residents fight, sometimes to the death, to entertain the Fleurys inhabitants. Among the boxers, one man has never been beaten: the Dead Wrestler. This man is instrumentalized by Antonio, who has made him the muse of the town: the more matches he wins, the more Antonio's power grows. 

But little by little, the District is rising up against the system in place. In the midst of this tumult, Antonio learns of the existence of Aïna, his hidden half-breed sister. He has her kidnapped to establish his legitimacy, and exploits her. But her arrival will turn the lives of the various characters upside down, and no one will emerge from this encounter unscathed.

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A former washhouse dating from the late 19th century, Le Lavoir Moderne Parisien became a theater

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Practice info:

Sunday June 4th at 5pm
Lavoir Moderne Parisien
35 Rue Léon,
75018 Paris

A reservation is valid for 1 person.

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