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Each month CultureSecrets reveals unexpected confidences of a personality, from the world of culture. Artistic Director of the Festival d'Automne since 1982, Marie Collin runs theaters, galleries and the most new creative places around the world, looking for modern productions, then she invite them to perform at the Festival d'Automne Paris.

Interview by Olivia Mauriac.

Our secret

What is the first play you've seen ? 

I was twelve when I saw "L’Avare" at the Comedie française. I do not remember at all the effect of the scene,

which made me especially before it was the theater and its atmosphere ... 

If you were a dancer, ballet what would you like to dance ? 

Giselle. This is in my opinion one of the most beautiful ballet characters because,

while she prefers to dance to death.

Under the direction of wich director would you imagine a contemporary stage to play Sarah Bernhardt ? 

I could imagine under the direction of Bob Wilson, this extraordinary Texan, stage director who loves actresses out of the ordinary. Sarah Bernhardt was able to play anything; of men's roles, women, young, old. All that passionate Wilson ...

If you could only read one whole book throughout your life, what would it be ? 

It would be a terrible punishment ! It would have to be a very difficult book to read and wonder a lot of effort so that it lasts longer ... I think ...

It could be "2666", the novel of more than 1,000 pages of Roberto Bolaño, Julien Gosselin has adapted to the festival stage in a river show ?

I have already read. I would take something more difficult, a book that is beyond me if it must be the last. Maybe "The critique of pure reason" of Kant, it would have to be a search for adventure.

Exactly, how many times have you seen Julien Gosselin’s twelve hours show ?

Two times. And I might see him again if I can go to the last! It is quite exciting to see how lives and develops a production, particularly when it is monumental.

That's 24 hours in the theater ... Here !

That’s it ! (Laughs)

Have you ever experienced the famous Stendhal’s syndrome, this state of vertigo that can generate a work of art ?

A thousand times but it's never enough ! This is what I seek, achieve this status and then share with spectators. The last time I felt this, was before the show that opened the festival, a representation of the "Brothers Karamazov" that dazzled me.

What do you do when you're not going to the theater, a show or a dance performance ?

I read in bed !

What art seems most able to cross the ages; plastic art, theater, music or dance ?

Theater and dance are, in essence, ephemeral arts. The music is less but I would say,

it's the thought that through the centuries rather than its realization ...

How many performances do you see on average in a year or failing to tell me in a year, in a week And Then I will do the calculation ?

(Laughs) In average four times a week except During the months of August and around Christmas time after the festival Where I break ...

So that's around 200 shows a year! Are there nevertheless you a show you regret not seeing ?

Absolutely. The first shows of the German director, Klaus Michael Grüber. I saw for the first time in 1976 His creations goal I did not see Those of 1970 people Whose Had Told me They were amazing.

Leon Bloy Said That "bread is the auxiliary of the Creation" have you Observed that ?

Yes ...


Not always, aim Almost ... They are really hard jobs for great artists. The feeling of Being still below What They are looking for is ubiquitous, Especially Among directors. It's a real pain.

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The Paris Autumn Festival is a contemporary Multidisciplinary Arts Festival Held Each year in Paris since 1972.

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