A visual and aural work at the Philharmonie de Paris


#SPORT Who says soccer doesn't rhyme with poetry? 
This autumn, the Philharmonie de Paris proves us wrong, with an immersion in the work of Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno. 
Plunge into the heart of a multi-dimensional, poetic soccer match, with a soundtrack that spatially combines the sounds of the stadium with original compositions by the band Mogwai. 

To know

In 2005, artists Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno teamed up to make a film shot in real time during a match between Real Madrid and Villarreal CF. Using 17 synchronized cameras spread across Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu stadium, they focused on Zidane's body alone. Radically different from television footage, the film captures the concentration in his eyes and the extreme precision of his shot.

This film is a portrait of the footballer Zinedine Zidane. By getting as close as possible to the sportsman, the artists attempt to decipher not only the soccer star's genius, but also our passion for contemporary icons.

Suspended in the exhibition space, the 17 giant screens spatially diffuse specific sound content, inviting visitors to wander through images and sound. Zidane's breath, his inner voice, the sound of the pitch clashing, the chanting of supporters, the sounds of bodies colliding and the ball being kicked - all this sound material, combined with original music by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, creates a veritable score, subtly set in space by sound engineer Nicolas Becker.

Come and live or relive this great moment of sporting anthology, and share your experience with us on the networks!

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