Meet the famous director Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Film masterclass and screening of "Alien 4, Resurrection"


#CINEMA Spend an evening with the exciting French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet and attend his masterclass, followed by the 35mm screening of his acclaimed Hollywood film 'Alien 4, the Resurrection', a classic of science fiction cinema. Climb aboard the Auriga station and meet Officer Ripley, resurrected two hundred years after her death, in this episode of the saga. The 'Ciné-Club 35mm' mon amour event is presented and hosted by specialist Kevin Elarbi in one of the oldest cinemas in Paris, L'Escurial.

To know

Jean-Pierre Jeunet has made an international name for himself with films such as 'Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain' (2001) and 'Delicatessen' (1991). He is renowned for his distinctive visual style, blending fantasy, black humour and a surreal aesthetic. His unique artistic approach is reflected in cinematic works that captivate with their originality and poetic atmosphere. In addition to his success in film, Jeunet has made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry, leaving an undeniable creative mark. Alien, Resurrection marks a stylistic departure from previous instalments in the 'Alien' franchise. Jeunet has added his own distinctive touch with a distinct visual aesthetic, combining the darker side of science fiction with his penchant for the strange and whimsical.

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A reunion took place on the set of the film. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet reunited with Dominique

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Practice info:

Thursday 30 November at 8pm

11 Boulevard de Port-Royal
75013 Paris

Programme: Masterclass, followed by the screening

1 reservation is valid for 2 people
Your name will be put on the list at the entrance to the event.

11 Boulevard de Port-Royal 75013 Paris
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