Meet the Franco-Japanese artist Tiffany Bouelle

Discover her new exhibition at Galerie Porte B.


#ART Meet Tiffany Bouelle for her solo show 'Half' at the new Parisian gallery 'Porte B'. Immerse yourself in her enchanting Franco-Japanese universe, around her abstract works with vibrant palettes. The artist captures moments in life, women's stories, expressing a quest for harmony, drawing inspiration from her encounters, through writing, drawing and calligraphic techniques.

To know

Inspired by her two-month residency in Japan, this exhibition is a tribute to her dual culture and the strength that emerges from its antagonisms. Half', half Japanese - half French, half modest - half daring, half winter - half summer, half militant, disciplined, rebellious, submissive, free... Half is the name they give her in Japan for these two cultures that attract and oppose each other at the same time.

Our secret

TIffany Bouelle burns her diaries because she doesn't feel the need to leave them on earth. S

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Practice info:

Tuesday 12 December at 7pm

Porte B.
52 rue Albert Thomas
79010 Paris

1 reservation is valid for 1 person
Your name will be put on the list at the entrance to the event.

52 rue Albert Thomas 79010 Paris
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