Baobab Circus in "Yé! (Water)", your show and meeting moment at La Scala Paris

Live the experience and let yourself be carried away by the acrobatics of the collective


#CultureSecrets invites you to an exceptional evening in the company of Circus Baobab's prodigious acrobats and dancers. Attend their show and enjoy a unique moment of exchange with the artists afterwards.

To know

You'll be able to watch and meet 13 acrobats and dancers from Conakry, trained in the performing arts by top African and French professionals. 13 artists aged 18 to 30, who were grand finalists in "La France a un incroyable talent" last December.

Their new show, "Yé! L'eau", is a spectacular epic that allows them to demonstrate their virtuosity and tell us a story, a powerful story as water flows by, a resource as rare as it is precious, the conquest of which is essential to life, to a better life. "Yé! L'eau" speaks of man's capacity to insist, to begin again, to invent. That's what the bodies in Circus Baobab are saying. Yé! calls on us all to build a world of tomorrow that takes care of nature and its future.

Our secret

Circus Baobab is a collective of circus artists from Guinea and the diaspora, blending traditiona

Shhhh... it's a secret!
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Practice info:

Thursday, December 28 at 7pm

La Scala Paris
13 Bd de Strasbourg
75010 Paris

Estimated duration: 1H

1 reservation is valid for 1 person
Your name will be put on a list, and you can pick up your invitations at reception.

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© Temal Productions
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La Scala Paris 13 Bd de Strasbourg 75010 Paris
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