Exhibition-experience at the Gaîté Lyrique

"Happy are those who are cracked, because they let in the light" by Olivier Ratsi


The Gaîté Lyrique honors the visual artist Olivier Ratsi with an impressive exhibition-experience extended until October! The artist questions our sensory perceptions of light and color through hybrid and hypnotic technological installations.

To know

The exhibition "Happy are the cracked, because they will let the light pass..." imagined by the artist in the manner of a craftsman-maker of images and a builder of spaces, invites to a striking and multi-sensorial chromatic crossing... The visitor passes from the intense color-light of a controlled space-time to the diffracted light of a fleeting space-time with blurred contours. Symbolic mirror of our relation to a saturated technological era that seems to show its limits and whose future sometimes lacks perspective or visibility, it reflects this moment of vertigo and fog that we live. Through optical phenomena (play of infinity, trompe-l'oeil, anamorphosis, mirrors) and geometric lines, our gaze, between consciousness and unconsciousness, is impregnated and damaged while giving life to a dozen hybrid installations imperceptibly set in motion. 

Our secret

What an intriguing exhibition title that "Happy are the cracked, because they will let the l

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Practice info:

One reservation is valid for two people. 
A code will be sent to you by email on a working day to allow you to benefit from free tickets at the Gaîté Lyrique's box office. 

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Exhibition until October 31st.
La Gaîté Lyrique
3bis, rue Papin 75003 PARIS

La Gaîté Lyrique 3bis, rue Papin 75003 PARIS