Mardi 4 octobre à 20h00

Lucinda Childs lead (always) the dance

"Available Light" at Théâtre de la Ville

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Meet at the Théâtre de la Ville to discover "Available Light", a light show designed in 1983 by choreographer of American postmodern dance Lucinda Childs, which she now brings new light through an unprecedented development stage. 

Our secret

In addition to being one of the greatest choreographers of this century, Lucinda Childs knows to surround herself. For the new version of her show, she entrust music composer from the current minimalist John Adams and scenography to the legendary architect Frank Gehry.

To know

In place of the disused warehouse for which the part was designed, it was in a constructivist and ephemeral decoration developed on two levels by Frank Gehry that "Available Light" will see again the light early this autumn. The company Lucinda Childs, formerly the dance its creation will with grace and precision succession of contemporary dance on a sumptuous written musical score as and measuring the composition of the abstract and architectural ballet.

Buy - Premium rate: 50 €


  • Festival d'Automne

Practice info

Théâtre de la ville,

2 Place du Châtelet,

75004 Paris

2 Place du Châtelet