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Wednesday, April 14th

What would Dali be without Gala or Rembrandt without Saskia? Enter the intimacy of creative couples, who made art history, on the occasion of this MasterClass Beaux Arts Magazine which will review the trajectory of ten mythical duos... Can one be both muse and artist ? How to exist and create in front of the other ?

Monday April 19th

CultureSecrets offers you a MasterClass on one of the greatest artists in the history of art, Caravaggio. With Aurore, our art history expert, discover and decipher the works of this Italian painter whose technique and mastery of chiaroscuro are still admired today.

Monday, May 3rd

CultureSecrets offers you an online MasterClass dedicated to the major figure of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and her relationship with her body. You will learn how her intense pain changed her relationship with her own body, and influenced her work. This captivating masterclass will be offered by Aurore, art historian.

Monday, May 17th

Celebrated in antiquity and decried by religion, the nude or nudes are at the heart of art history. Accompanied by Aurore, our art history expert, the time has come to undress the works of art and lift the veil on what has long been one of the greatest taboos in the art world in our original MasterClass.

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Use one of your seats to relive the CultureSecrets events. Find video recordings of our meetings and interviews in museums, galleries and many other cultural venues. A whole programme to awaken the artist in you, identify masterpieces and learn all about archaeobotany. 

Three episodes

CultureSecrets went to meet for you the famous photographer Gérard Uféras. He revealed his secrets as a photographer through three episodes on the world of museums, opera and fashion. Take advantage of his experience and his expert eye by watching our three exclusive encounters during which we unveil pictures never before exhibited to the general public.

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