The editorial board

Jean de Loisy
Chairman of the Palais de Tokyo
Sandra Mulliez
President of SAM Art Projects
Anne-Pierre d'Albis
Director of Parcours Saint Germain
Tatyana Maud'huy
The director of the Elysée Museum (Lausanne)
Isis-Colombe Combréas
Publishing Director and Editor MILK Magazine
Yann Toma
Artist, Western President Light
Serge Laurent
Live performances organizer of the Centre Pompidou
Marie Collin
Director of the fall festival


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Ginevra Boralevi
Artist, Western President Light
Arnaud de Giovanni
Art and theatre blogger
Marie Laure Jousset
Honorary curator of the centre pompidou
Virginia Martin-Robin
An export in digital strategy and e-commerce
Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre
President of the Foundation JFLMCT

Editorial charter

We freely decide whether to our cultural secrets.

In private, we compose and select for you unique events according to our passions, our hot hearts, our desires, and our intuitions.

In parallel, and consistent with a commitment to reveal all our secrets, we are developing privileged partnerships to offer our Circle

custom created services. We can be compensated for their distribution, but we only accept if they are in affinity with our universe and our editorial line.

These proposals will be always entitled "Secrets of our partner" in order to dispel any mystery and avoid confusion.

Finally, we pledge to never reveal your confidence we will not share neither your email address nor your details.

We know your precious time and your overloaded mailbox, so we put great care to respect the permission you give us to contact you.


Cultural Institutions

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